Aerosol for firefighting in smaller technical containers

More and more operators are demanding the installation of automatic extinguishers and firefighting systems to protect passengers and investments. The aim here is to avoid that a fire spreads further in the train. These systems are becoming increasingly important in long-distance and local trains as well as in subways.

Aerosol systems are suitable for use in smaller technical containers. When activated, the extinguishing systems release fine aerosols, which can then safely fight a fire in the closed area. Due to its particularly low weight, aerosol systems are used wherever nitrogen is too heavy.

The extinguishing effect of the aerosol system is based on an interaction of the flames with the aerosol. In a cartridge, a defined amount of solid is stored, which is ignited electrically in an alarm. By the controlled burning of the solid in the generator aerosols are formed, which flow at high speed through a nozzle in the protection area.