TITANUS® aspirating smoke detection systems

Quietly impressive fire protection

WAGNER has many years of experience as a manufacturer of highly sensitive air sampling smoke detectors which can detect even the smallest amount of smoke particles. Detectors in the TITANUS® family detect fires at a very early stage – when they are just starting. TITANUS® is reliably protected from false alarms by the integrated LOGIC·SENS technology. The smoke sampling orifices can be extremely well concealed, e.g. installed behind panels, thus offering excellent protection against vandalism. This makes TITANUS® ideal for use in passenger areas.

The air sampling smoke detector system for early fire detection continuously takes samples of the ambient air and can thus detect minute levels of smoke particles and detect a fire even in the incipient phase. Using High Power Light Source optical detection technology, all TITANUS® devices offer a sensitivity level up to 2,000 times greater than conventional point detectors.

Typical application areas for TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors in the rail sector (usually in combination with a Rail 138 or Rail 256 fire detection and alarm system or by direct connection with the train bus) include:

  • In passenger areas
  • On ceilings
  • (Electrical distribution) boards/cabinets
  • In air intake, exhaust and recirculation systems
  • In areas prone to fire
  • Locomotives
  • Engine rooms
  • Air supply and exhaust ducts of air conditioning systems
  • Undercarriage areas
  • The sensitivity of the smoke detection can be individually adjusted as required.
  • Upstream air filters facilitate use in dusty areas
  • LOGIC·SENS intelligent signal analysis enables the detection and exclusion of deceptive phenomena such as dust or exhaust fumes, even in difficult conditions.
  • The futuristic technology of the High Power Light Source and the special construction of the measurement chamber mean that TITANUS® can provide the very highest detection quality and complies with or exceeds all standard test fire requirements.
  • A blockage or break in the extraction piping and any failure of suction power is reliably signalled by the PIPE·GUARD air flow monitoring equipment.
  • Meets the temperature requirements of EN 50155 Class Tx
  • The sampling orifices of the system are virtually invisible, offering protection against sabotage and vandalism
  • SIL 2 certification for TITANUS MICRO·SENS®
  • Not susceptible to vibrations
  • Air sampling
    The air intake takes samples from the monitoring area via a fan and connected piping system.
  • Air sample preparation
    The system filters out dust particles or separates condensate (if a condensate separator is installed).
  • Operational monitoring
    Precise monitoring of the air flow and detector chamber.