Smoke switch

For independent protection in rail transport

OTM Multisensor

Automatic smoke switches connected directly to the train bus can be used to selectively monitor single objects, such as control cabinets, containers, WCs and bathroom units, or general passenger areas and the driver's cabin. In principle, smoke switches operate using basic alarm and fault signals. Unlike the Rail 138 or Rail 256 fire detection systems, automatic smoke switches generate alarm and fault signals locally based on the “stand-alone” principle. As a result, the secure alarm transmission must be made using the train’s own communication system or train bus system. An optional status display can be used to display multiple (or far-away) smoke switches at once and forward their information to the train control equipment (for instance).

Selective monitoring of individual objects, such as

  • Control cabinets
  • Containers
  • WC and bathroom units
  • Passenger areas
  • Driver's cabins
  • A cost-effective and simple solution which meets the complex requirements and standards for use in rail applications.
  • Monitoring of fire characteristics, such as smoke and temperature, is performed by smoke switches using the scattered light principle and differential temperature switches which analyse temperature variation and thresholds
  • Alarms and fault messages are forwarded via relay contacts. Pollution can be compensated for if the detectors are connected to a fire detection and alarm panel
  • Automatic data updating ensures that the ratio between the background signal and the alarm threshold remains constant