Individual fire protection solutions from one source

The WAGNER Group GmbH (www.wagnergroup.com), based in Langenhagen near Hanover, has been developing and manufacturing technical fire protection systems since 1976 and has established itself as an innovative solution and system provider. WAGNER is one of the world's technology leaders in the field of fire detection and prevention, covering the full portfolio of services for its customers, from planning and design to system installation and service.

WAGNER Bayern GmbH was founded in Munich in 1989 as a subsidiary of the WAGNER Group GmbH. Since then WAGNER Bayern GmbH has made use of the many years of experience and expertise of its parent company to offer a full range of fire protection solutions for a host of different applications.

As a result of stricter safety-related regulatory requirements and fire protection legislation, WAGNER Bayern GmbH set up a division specifically for fire protection solutions for the rail vehicle industry: WAGNER Rail. In the future, safety in railway stations will no longer be the sole focus. Instead, fire protection in the trains themselves will be brought to the fore. Thanks to extensive debate and discussion in working groups and the specialist know-how within the WAGNER Group (such as the vast wealth of experience WAGNER Schweiz AG has in water mist fire-fighting technology) WAGNER Rail has amassed outstanding skills and expertise in the field of fire protection for rail transport. Today, the company offers its customers a wide range of fire protection solutions – from fire detection to fire fighting and services such as installation, commissioning, service, maintenance and training. An extensive service and distribution network as well as numerous cooperation and partnership agreements mean fire protection from WAGNER is available wherever you are in the world.